• Lip Balm, Orthodontics, and New Patients

    Orthodontics: It’s an industry you may work with on a regular basis, but do you know some of the difficulties that are common in the industry today?

    One of the biggest challenges that ortho offices currently face is acquiring new patients, in part because of the nature of the practice. Most patients get their teeth … read more

  • Men and Body Care Items

    Today’s trends are seeing men pay more attention to grooming and personal body care, and many men are looking to body care items made specifically for them to achieve the best results possible. Check out the facts surrounding this buying behavior:

    Beauty and personal care product lines targeted to men have … read more

  • Comforting and Protecting Young Patients

    Children's hospitals are major buyers of promotional products, and you can help your customers make the most of their marketing dollars by suggesting lip balm or hand sanitizer with a custom label.

    No child wants to be in the hospital, so fun and colorful lip balm with fruity flavors can distract kids in an unfamiliar environment. For example, … read more

  • Capitalize on a Growing Medical Market

    Did you know that U.S. healthcare spending in 2014 was more than $3 trillion — and that spending continues to rise?

    We're here to help you capitalize on this high-demand market! Hospitals are striving to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and one effective way for them to do so is by offering personalized … read more

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