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  • Are You Ready For…Winter?

    Did you know there are outdoor races during late fall and early winter? For those who are willing to brave the cold, they need body care items that will protect them! If you’re hosting a winter race or run, we’ve got the perfect products for those race-day bags.

    Medicated Lip Balm: For the highest protection we offer, Medicated Lip … read more

  • Halloween EOS Ideas

    EOSTM lip balm — it’s different from any other lip balm out there. Why? Two main reasons: its dome shape makes it completely unique, and its rapid growth since it entered the market in 2009 has drawn attention, partly due to celebrities liking the product so much. Plus, it’s easy to find in a purse or bag, provides two-lips-in- … read more

  • 5 Tips for a Busy Salesperson

    Let’s face it — when is a salesperson NOT busy? Some days can feel overwhelming, with what seems like no light at the end of the tunnel. Sales is a tough job for anyone, but a few key approaches can pay big dividends in reducing stress and achieving your goals.

    To improve your sales productivity, try these five tips:

    1. Prioritize … read more

  • Helping You Keep that Breath Fresh

    Ever been stuck with bad breath, especially right before a meeting? Or ever noticed a co-worker with bad breath who seems oblivious to the fact? It’s time to try Breath Fresh Lip Balm — it’s broad spectrum SPF 15 rated and made with beeswax, organic sunflower oil, vitamin E, organic extra virgin olive oil, and aloe vera. How does … read more

  • 10 Ways to Use Lip Balm

    Who knew lip balm was so versatile? We’ve come up with 10 different ways you can use it during your everyday. Try just one or try them all! 

    1. Prevent and relieve chapped lips. This one is a given, but it’s extremely important. All throughout the year and especially through the winter, lips are prone to dryness and cracks. … read more