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  • New Products Sneak Peek

    From everyone at Raining Rose, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! We hope you’re enjoying time with family and friends with lots of great food today.

    It’s that time of year when businesses are getting ready to release their new product offerings, and we have to say — it’s very hard to wait! Not only are we thrilled … read more

  • Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

    Need some great trade show giveaway ideas? We can help! We love our products and know you will too, so here’s a look at a few and how you can use them. 

    Raffle Lip Balm is always a fantastic choice for trade shows because it increases activity at your booth. For this item, you can use variable printing to list a unique number sequence, … read more

  • Help Ease Year-End Budget Decisions

    This time of year is tough when it comes to company budgets. For businesses with the “use it or lose it” system, many scramble to spend their remaining dollars in fear of the budget being cut the next year if they don’t spend it all. As a result, many spend those dollars on inefficient or unnecessary purchases that bring little … read more

  • Need a Holiday Gift Idea?

    The holidays are fast approaching, and we want to help you stand out with your holiday gifts! Our products are fantastic when it comes to the upcoming season because they have unique applications perfect for the occasion.

    For example, Red Berry Lip Gloss is a fabulous choice if you’re looking for a sophisticated way to promote your brand. … read more