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  • New Product Reveal: Euro Balm

    Happy New Year's Eve! We hope you enjoy ringing in 2016 in only a matter of hours — with friends and all your favorite things.

    In the meantime, we have another reveal for you! We’re excited to announce an additional new product for 2016…it’s Euro Balm!

    Euro Balm brings something new that we haven’t … read more

  • New Product Reveal: Cartoon Balm

    We’re thrilled to announce one of our new products! It’s definitely one of our favorites, and we think you’ll love it too. Introducing all-new…Cartoon Balm!

    Cartoon Balm takes customization to a whole new level. It features a personal caricature on our All Natural Lip Balm, allowing you to show your personality on the& … read more

  • Sneak Peek: 2016 Trade Show Theme

    We've quickly learned that exhibitors at trade shows need a booth that stands out in the crowd to draw attention away from competitors and toward their own products. The goal is to make the attendee experience unique and memorable so people can’t help but stop and learn more about you. Besides, exhibitors should be able to have a little fun, … read more

  • Men and Body Care Items

    Today’s trends are seeing men pay more attention to grooming and personal body care, and many men are looking to body care items made specifically for them to achieve the best results possible. Check out the facts surrounding this buying behavior:

    Beauty and personal care product lines targeted to men have … read more

  • How You Know You Work at a Lip Balm Factory

    Working at a lip balm factory includes some distinctive features when it comes to the employee experience. We decided to gather ten fun ways you know you work at a factory that makes delicious lip balm!

    You know you work at a lip balm factory when...

    Most of your co-workers wear hair nets.

    It always smells great — some … read more