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  • Making an Impression that Lasts

    We're a day away from August, which means school is just around the corner for K-12 students. While a lot of kids may not be anxious to head back, we can give them reason to be excited!

    Lip balm is the perfect item for promotions and reminders as schools think about new school year initiatives and what they want to instill in students. Plus … read more

  • Meeting Needs, Not Just Selling Products

    ASI Chicago was a great experience for our sales team, and for those who stopped by our booth – thank you so much!

    It’s been a week since we returned, and we’re still taking in everything we learned.  Both through the education sessions and working the show floor, there was a lot to take away!

    Something we were reminded of … read more

  • The Importance of Following Up

    Unmatched customer service: It’s one of the primary aspects of Raining Rose that we’re most proud of. There’s a lot to this thing called customer service, as it requires a number of attributes that take time to develop. Here are a handful of them: patience, attentiveness, clear communication skills, knowledge of products, … read more

  • Find us in Chicago!

    It’s getting closer! We’re as excited as ever to attend the ASI Chicago trade show next week (July 14-16) to show so many of our fantastic products. This event attracts more than 4,000 distributors and 700 suppliers from across the nation, and we’re fortunate to be a part of it!

    The event is also ranked the third-best trade show … read more

  • Parades and Lip Balm, the Perfect Pair

    Who doesn’t love a good parade? They’re almost synonymous with the 4th of July, and they make great memories every year for families across the country with all the celebration of red, white, and blue.

    Of course, everyone knows the best part about parades is getting free stuff, usually in the form of candy. But why not switch things … read more