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  • Scents: How They Affect Emotions

    What’s one thing all our products have in common? They smell good! Smell is the strongest of our five senses and has a powerful impact on activity in the brain. In fact, olfactory bulbs are a direct part of the limbic system, the most primitive part of the brain that functions as the process center for emotion and learning. Scents are … read more

  • We Need Your Vote!

    We’re thrilled to be nominated for the 2016 PPAI Supplier Star Awards! It’s an honor that recognizes PPAI Supplier companies who exude excellence in their work through outstanding customer service and product quality.

    We love our customers and remain passionate about helping them achieve their goals, giving them the best … read more

  • Gearing up for Breast Cancer Awareness

    Breast cancer awareness is one of those causes that we get passionate about promoting. And we have products that are sure to please! We’ve got a handful of logos and products that will get your promotional efforts for breast cancer awareness off to a great start.

    Think pink for the cause, whether that’s personalized Strawberry Sorbet … read more

  • Crank up the Cuteness with EOS Personalization

    We love providing custom imprints on EOSTM lip balm, especially because the creativity increases all the time! Here are some cute ideas for using personalized EOSTM to celebrate your next event or to show someone you care:

    Baby Showers: Place the top EOSTM lid on your thank you card or invitation, whether that’s on a balloon or a baby bump! … read more