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  • Which Lip Balm is Like You?

    We wanted to switch things up a bit this week with a fun infographic! Have you ever thought about which lip balm is most like you and your personality? Check it out and find your match!

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  • Last Reveals: Man Balm and Credit Card Hand Sanitizer

    Remember our previous post about how men are paying more attention to their personal grooming? It couldn’t be more true. Men more often seek body care items that have been made specifically for them, and companies have responded by offering men’s products and full men’s lines. In fact, Axe by Unilever is the largest men’s … read more

  • New Reveals: Show Theme and Ibuprofen

    The cat’s out of the bag — our 2016 trade show theme is our own cartoons! We’ve chosen our favorite activity and have dressed as such to promote Cartoon Balm, one of our favorite new products. We each get to express ourselves in a different way that connects to a common theme. We love it! 

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  • Show Special Recap

    What a fantastic ASI Show in Orlando! Thanks so much to all who attended. We had a blast introducing our new products and are thrilled about the amazing response we received for Cartoon Balm! The PPAI show in Las Vegas is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to interact with even more new and current customers.

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