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  • Versatility at its Finest: Ibuprofen Applications

    Ibuprofen is one of those items that can be used in practically every market for close to any kind of promotion. It relieves a wide range of pain and is so easy to carry on the person for consistent message exposure. Plus the container is reusable! Here are some fantastic ways to use Ibuprofen by market to really get your gears turning.

    Dental: … read more

  • The Perfect Places to Keep Your Lip Balm

    Lip balm is one of those items that’s essential to have on hand, which means it’s important to keep it in locations where you need it most. After all, why suffer from chapped lips if relief comes with just a little planning ahead?

    We’ve come up with some prime locations to keep your lip balm, along with some fun tips! … read more

  • In-Home Health Care: How Lip Balm Can Help

    When it comes to the health care market, numbers show there will be a large increase of people needing in-home health care in the coming years as a generation reaches 85+ years, with a likely gap in the health care workforce as a result. In fact, based on findings in the IBISWorld Industry Report, 90% of long-term care facilities today don’t … read more

  • Natural Really Does Make a Difference

    Sometimes we forget how beneficial natural products really are. They have so many great aspects, which is why we’re highly committed to producing the best — here are a few of those benefits!

    First of all, natural products are earth-friendly. The more chemicals we put into products, the more chemicals go into our … read more