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  • The Resource Struggle: How Lip Balm Can Help Not-for-Profits

    When it comes to raising support for a good cause, people have a way of coming together thanks to a common bond or set of circumstances. Take breast cancer awareness, for example. Thousands of people join together for annual walks, runs, and other events to honor loved ones who’ve passed from the disease or are still fighting. One of the … read more

  • Work After Vacation: Tips for Re-Engaging

    Taking a break from work by going on vacation is extremely healthy, helping prevent burnout in the long-term — but no matter how much you love your job, coming back from vacation can be tough! Fortunately, there are some ways to have a smooth transition back to the office, as provided by Jeremy Watkin of

    Enjoy your … read more

  • How Lip Balm Can Serve Up Success for Restaurants

    Everyone can appreciate a great restaurant, as it provides an enjoyable experience for customers — but what’s the main challenge the restaurant industry is currently facing? Turns out the answer is finding talented, dependable employees. Roughly 50% of nearly 300 restaurant operators who participated in a survey conducted by Nation& … read more

  • Successfully Promoting a Cause

    Did you know? As much as 82% of consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. This number is up from 64% in 2009 — and it’s a lot! Whether your company gets involved in breast cancer awareness or another worthy community endeavor, supporting and promoting a … read more