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  • Calling All Campers

    Grab your backpack, sleeping bag, compass, and a spirit of adventure — we’re going camping! We’re excited about our camping trade show theme for 2018 and hope you join us for the fun!

    It will all unfold in just a matter of days: Be sure to stop by our booth, also known as Camp Raining Rose, at the ASI Show in Orlando (booth # … read more

  • New Products for 2018

    Are you ready for all-new products coming January 2018? We’re excited to share them with you! Let’s break them down so you’re in the know.

    Lip Sips: Our Lip Sips line of lip balm is designed to match a variety of classic beverages and is formulated with beeswax, organic hemp seed oil, and rosemary extract — plus SPF 15 … read more

  • Ways to Use Your Year-End Budget

    When it comes to your year-end budget, it’s always desirable to use it so you don’t lose it (and avoid the possibility of getting a smaller budget the next year), but you also want to use those dollars wisely. We understand! Fortunately with promotional personal care items, which are extremely useful over a long period of time, you can … read more

  • Myths about the Flu (and How You Can Protect Yourself)

    It’s flu season again, and about 20% of Americans get the virus each year and experience some downright unpleasant symptoms like chills, congestion, and body aches. As a result, we felt it was high time to debunk some of the myths that are out there regarding the flu. Do any of them surprise you?

    1: The flu shot can give you the flu. … read more

  • Why EOS is Better than a Knock-Off Brand

    At Raining Rose, EOSTM Lip Balm is one of our highest quality lip balm offerings — its rich application and all natural ingredients make it a show-stopping promotional item. At the same time, we realize there are several knock-off versions out there that are competing for companies’ dollars. We thought we’d share some of the … read more

  • 5 Creative Uses for the Retainer Case

    Have you tried our Retainer Case? It’s perfect for orthodontic offices (and dental offices that offer ortho care), as they can give them to patients for storing their retainer after braces. A retainer case is essential to post-braces patients considering the expense that braces incur. According to, metal braces cost anywhere … read more

  • 6 Promo Product Ordering Mistakes to Avoid

    Ordering promotional products can be a highly successful process for your company — that is, if you put the right amount of time and effort into it. Like many things, you only get out what you put in, so if you want products that look fantastic, are high in quality, and make a visible impact on recipients, you have to give the process … read more

  • 5 Tips for Being Memorable to Your Customers

    In a competitive industry like the promotional products industry, it can be difficult to make yourself memorable — to set yourself apart from all the others. We understand, which is why we want to help. Here are five tips to help you stay remembered through your customer service:

    Tip #1: Make a dynamic first impression. A potential … read more

  • Your Best Defenses in Winter Months

    As temperatures continue turning cooler and the days start feeling more like winter (especially here in Iowa), it’s important to have personal care items on hand that will combat the cold and flu season, as well as dry skin. We’ve got just what you need!

    Did you know? Across the United States, people miss a total of 70 million works … read more

  • Sneak Peek: 2018 Trade Show Theme

    We’ve been busy pulling together our 2018 trade show theme! Our preparation has included ordering clothing, accessories, and other fun items to make it one you won’t forget. What do you think it will be?

    To give you a hint, think about what these questions have in common:

    Why is a river rich?Which is the quietest sport?What word in … read more

  • Tools at Your Fingertips

    Do you know about the hidden gem on our website? We have a section designed specifically for distributors! It’s packed full of tools that are meant to save you time and effort as you reach out to customers and provide them with various materials.

    Here’s a glimpse of what you can find by section:

    Sales Tools: This category includes … read more

  • Holiday Gifting Made Easy

    Are you ready for the holidays as they draw closer? There’s so much to look forward to — lights, parties, gifts, hot cocoa, ornaments, Christmas trees, eggnog, mistletoe, stockings, Christmas music, sweet treats, family can you not love the time of year? We’re excited just thinking about it!

    To add to all the … read more

  • Naturally Good

    More and more, people are choosing to use body care products that are naturally good — that is, made with natural ingredients. Considering our line of work, we understand how important this is and believe natural really is the best.

    So what are some natural ingredients that are great for your lips and skin? Let’s take a look: … read more

  • Shine Bright

    Last month, we wrote a blog post that debunked some myths about breast cancer, and this month, we want to share why Natural Lip Shimmers are the perfect promo item to help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October — plus some creative ways to get people excited about the cause!

    There are a number of notable attributes of our lip … read more

  • Sweeter than Candy

    Halloween is approaching — do you have your promotions ready? Rather than just going with candy this year, mix things up with practical promotional items. Here are some simple application ideas that will help customers stand out for the occasion:

    Retainer Case: Customize our Retainer Case with your logo and/or a Halloween message and give … read more

  • 12 Months of EOS Promotions

    Personalizing EOSTM Lip Balm is such a fun and recognizable way to draw attention to your name. We just love it, which is why we’ve come up with promotional ideas to correspond with an EOSTM flavor for every month of the year!

    January – National Blood Donor Month (Pomegranate Raspberry)Sponsor a blood drive and give each donor a … read more

  • Post-Care Treatment: A Smart Way to Promote

    “It’s the thought that counts.” This statement really is true when it comes to making people feel valued in a health care, wellness, or related setting. Why? Because those receiving treatment want to know that their health and well-being is a priority to their provider. In other words, they want to feel well cared for, and our … read more

  • Debunking the Myths and Promoting the Cause

    Have you ever played the game Two Truths and a Lie? It can actually be really eye-opening in getting to know other people. When it comes to breast cancer, there are several lies, or myths, that are commonly believed as true. As you prepare to ramp up your breast cancer awareness promotions for October, it’s good to have knowledge about what … read more

  • Raining Rose: The Facts

    By now, you know that our expertise lies in making lip balm and other great personal care products, but we wanted to share some facts that you may not know about Raining Rose. Think of it as a way to get to know us better and more fully understand what’s involved for us to do what we do. Ready?

    We consume 250,000 gallons of … read more

  • 8 Trade Show Tips You Need to Know

    With plenty of trade shows under our belts, we’ve learned a few things about making them a success! Trade shows make for long days on your feet, but they are days well spent when you consider all the in-person networking you get to experience with customers.

    Maybe for you, though, trade shows look good on paper but don’t create as … read more

  • Summertime Promos

    We’re in the heart of summertime, which means there’s no better time to jump on sunny promotions with our most popular summer products! Whether you want to focus on sunscreen, lip balm, or a combination of both, we’ve got you covered.

    SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen: Impress recipients with our newest sunscreen in a tottle or 1 … read more

  • 7 Ways to Use Ibuprofen as a Promo Item

    Ibuprofen is one of those promotional items that really capitalizes on practicality. It’s also perfect for any kind of event or market because, if we’re honest, we all want our everyday experiences to be as headache-free as possible.

    To give you a glimpse of just what the promotional possibilities look like, here are seven … read more

  • Heat Up Promotions with Hot and Cold Therapy

    The body’s healing process — no matter the injury or procedure — is not usually a fun one. Fortunately, hot and cold therapy can make a significant difference in getting people back to full health. It can especially help the healing process among dental patients for pain experienced after a tooth extraction, root canal, wisdom … read more

  • Let Freedom Ring with Independence Day Promotions

    Considering Independence Day is the most popular holiday for grilling, there will be lots of burgers, hot dogs, and favorite foods enjoyed for the 4th — along with longstanding traditions like parades and fireworks. It’s one of the favorite times of year for Americans as they celebrate their freedom.

    When it comes to name presence, … read more

  • Got Overstock?

    We are proud to offer overstock lip balm to our customers year-round! Don’t let the words “extra inventory” fool you into thinking it’s not a worthy product. On the contrary, our overstock offerings consist of fantastic options — it comes down to the simple fact that we have a lot of specialty lip balm! 

    What& … read more

  • Lip Balm, Orthodontics, and New Patients

    Orthodontics: It’s an industry you may work with on a regular basis, but do you know some of the difficulties that are common in the industry today?

    One of the biggest challenges that ortho offices currently face is acquiring new patients, in part because of the nature of the practice. Most patients get their teeth … read more

  • The Flavors of Summer

    It may not be summer yet, but our newest lip balm offerings will make you ready for summertime promotions! We are so excited to introduce four new EOSTM Lip Balm flavors to our promotional line: Wildberry, Passion Fruit, SPF 15 Lemon Twist, and SPF 30 Fresh Grapefruit!

    These lip balm spheres will make any custom imprint look dynamic, but what … read more

  • Mineral Sunscreen = Mighty Sun Protection

    Natural sunscreen is becoming increasingly preferred among customers today due to its benefits regarding safety, and mineral sunscreen in particular is gaining more traction than ever before. Given that we are in the sunscreen business, it’s something we’ve paid attention to — which is why we’re excited to now offer SPF 30 … read more

  • Savings to Put a Spring in Your Step

    “Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” – Doug Larson

    Every spring brings with it the promise of new beginnings and opportunities, and we’re excited to share new opportunities for savings with our spring savings special! For a limited time, we’re offering EQP and free set-up on a … read more

  • Fostering Pollination in Cedar Rapids

    Considering we’re one of the world’s largest consumers of beeswax (think 250,000 gallons each month), we’re excited about a current initiative happening in our own backyard. It’s called the 1,000 Acre Pollinator Initiative, and it’s all about converting urban prairie into pollinator zones to help restore lost habitats … read more

  • A New Way to Promote

    Are you looking for a promotion that gives you flexibility with every product label you have printed? Variable data printing is a fantastic way to make it happen. The beauty of this method is that each label can feature its own number, code, name, or other piece of information to create a promotion that’s unlike anything else — yet … read more

  • Celebrate Beauty this Upcoming Earth Day

    The earth we live in provides so many experiences that bring beauty into our lives — it allows us to watch a stunning sunset in the distance, feel the cool morning breeze from our porch swing, hear the patter of rain against a window, and experience the warmth of pure sunshine in the wide open sky. The natural and most basic aspects of our … read more

  • Hop Your Way to a Great Promotion

    Easter is around the corner, and we want to help you celebrate! We’ve thought of some ways to incorporate Easter festivities in your office by highlighting a few of our fantastic products. Read on, and then hop over to our products page to see more!

    EOSTM Lip Balm: Customize EOSTM Lip Balm and display it in a basket at your dental … read more

  • Silver Stars

    We’re so proud to have brought home some PPAI awards this year! We were the 2017 Supplier Star winner for our revenue category, and we also received two Silver Technology awards — one for Social Media and another for Blogs/Podcasts/Digital News. We had a really great time at the presentation ceremony on January 10 in Las … read more

  • Products Sure to (Sham)Rock!

    Three-leaf clovers, leprechauns, green beer, parades, and more characterize the March 17th holiday known across the world — and we believe promotional products are also worthy of the list! After all, it’s a great time to share your name, especially on items that people will use long after March is over.

    It can be easy to choose green- … read more

  • Your Spring Break Packing List

    Are you traveling somewhere warm for spring break? It’s a great time to discover a new place or revisit one that feels like home to you. Maybe a southern state with warm temperatures, or even a beach destination in the Caribbean? Wherever your plans take you, don’t forget to pack these products as you prepare for your trip!

    Sun Stick: … read more

  • Show Your Thanks

    National Employee Appreciation Day, which was established in 1995 by Dr. Bob Nelson with his company Workman Publishing, is celebrated on the first Friday of March every year. It’s a day devoted to extending thanks to employees across all industries, as employees are one of a company’s greatest assets. Because of this, … read more

  • Unique Uses for Hand Sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer: While it may not be the same as washing your hands with soap and water (the best way to clean your hands), it really does help prevent colds and defend against most infections. The key is to find sanitizer that contains 60% or more of an alcohol-based component, which we’re proud to say all of our sanitizer products … read more

  • Save the Day with Ibuprofen!

    POW! WHAM! KA-BANG! Our 2017 trade show theme has been revealed!

    Our sales representatives are…[cue triumphant superhero music] superheroes saving the day with Ibuprofen! Whatever customers you’re trying to reach, they want to you to know how Ibuprofen can save the day for you as well — for a variety of … read more

  • Be Mine, Valentine

    While there is more than one story about the history of Valentine’s Day, legend has it that it began in third-century Rome when the emperor made marriage for young men illegal because he felt single men made better solders than married men. Valentine, a young priest, resisted the decision and performed secret marriages for … read more

  • Smiling Made Easy

    “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” – Unknown 

    It’s true — a person’s smile is one of the first things others notice about them, and in order to create and maintain a stunning smile, we have to take good care of our teeth. For those who’ve had braces and now wear a retainer, this is& … read more

  • Iced Pear, Anyone?

    We’ve been so excited about our Iced Pear Broad Spectrum Lip Balm this past year that we decided to add more items with this fantastic scent! There are three new Iced Pear products to be exact, and we want to share them with you.

    Our Iced Pear Hand Sanitizer Gel is available with a silicone attachment (in three color options) and without an … read more