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  • Lip Balm was Just the Start

    We love our lip balm and have gotten really good at making it over the years, which is the reason Raining Rose is known for it — but fortunately, we offer a variety of other products and packaging options as well! We want to meet all your personal care product needs. Looking for unique packs, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, or lotion? We have … read more

  • Why Raining Rose?

    Here is one reality we’ve come to realize: There are so many choices out there. Whether you’re deciding on a restaurant, shampoo, article of clothing, greeting card, hair salon, you name it — it’s amazing how many choices are at our fingertips. This means when it comes to promotional suppliers, we understand that we’ … read more

  • 8 Places Germs Gather in Your Office

    Germs tend to hide in some of the most obvious places in our office, but for most of us, it doesn’t cross our mind the majority of the time because those places are so commonly used. However, that’s precisely the reason germs gather: They’re used on a regular basis, often by multiple people.

    So in what places are germs the … read more