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  • And the Survey Says…

    Some of our customers may remember taking a survey at the end of last year, which we created in an effort to get feedback for how we could improve and better meet customer needs. We had 171 total respondents — thank you so much if you were one of them! We thought we’d highlight some of the results of that survey and a few ways we’ … read more

  • 5 Reasons to Wear Sunscreen in Cooler Weather

    Let’s talk about sunscreen: We all know the importance of wearing it on hot days when the sun is shining, but what about in cooler weather? We’re a few days into spring, and it’s important to understand the role of UV rays and the value of wearing sunscreen most days of the year — even when it’s dreary, cold, and … read more

  • Alternative Uses for Hand Sanitizer

    If you’re like us, you appreciate when you can use a product — one that’s designed for a specific purpose — for many other purposes that you didn’t think of or know about previously. Maximizing your resources just feels good, and we want to help you do that with hand sanitizer.


    Of course, the primary use of … read more

  • Happy Birthday, Raining Rose!

    We’ve had a lot to be excited about this year, as we recently celebrated our 15-year anniversary! At our annual company holiday party in January, we stepped up our game to commemorate the occasion, with endless appetizers, gourmet cupcakes, a fantastic photo booth, raffle, DJ and dance floor, an all-new corporate band called the All Naturals, … read more