Celebrate Beauty this Upcoming Earth Day

Posted on 03/17/2017

The earth we live in provides so many experiences that bring beauty into our lives — it allows us to watch a stunning sunset in the distance, feel the cool morning breeze from our porch swing, hear the patter of rain against a window, and experience the warmth of pure sunshine in the wide open sky. The natural and most basic aspects of our world are to be captured, conserved, and celebrated so that our days can continue being filled with our environment’s wonders.

As we prepare for Earth Day, why not keep these moments at the forefront our minds? It’s the small things that remind us of the beauty of our world, and it’s also the small things that can make a difference in impacting that world in a positive way.

At Raining Rose, we strive to remain earth friendly in everything we do. An example of this includes keeping recycling bins in our break room and other designated areas for hairnets, cardboard, and other materials that might otherwise go to waste. We also place a high importance on reducing scrap, as we have specific and numerical goals in place to keep our scrap minimal and only to what is necessary. To attain these goals, we recycle nearly all our manufacturing materials, and we implement practical methods to maintain clean work stations and be as lean as possible.

Eliminating waste is really important to us, as is promoting good in our environment both socially and environmentally. This is demonstrated by our position as a Certified B Corporation®, which you can read more about in this previous blog post!

But how can YOU get involved? There are so many ways to do so. Start a community garden of herbs or vegetables, complete an energy audit of your home, donate clothes to a charitable organization, plant a tree, volunteer for a local charity, pick up trash in your neighborhood, go on a hike to enjoy the great outdoors — the list goes on! Whatever you decide, do it with heart and the knowledge that your actions, especially when combined with those around you, will prove beneficial later on for both you and the world we call home.

For hands-on resources to help you create change, visit this website and go after it!

Also be sure to promote your Earth Day event or initiative with personal care items that will remind recipients of you with every reach. Find the Earth Day flyer on the Specials tab of our website for some fantastic products and ideas!