Mineral Sunscreen = Mighty Sun Protection

Posted on 04/21/2017

Natural sunscreen is becoming increasingly preferred among customers today due to its benefits regarding safety, and mineral sunscreen in particular is gaining more traction than ever before. Given that we are in the sunscreen business, it’s something we’ve paid attention to — which is why we’re excited to now offer SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen!

The main characteristic of mineral sunscreen is that it creates a physical barrier on the skin to reflect UV rays — as opposed to chemical sunscreens that absorb UV rays and thus pass into layers of skin. The fact that mineral sunscreen sits on top of the skin also allows it to be effective almost right away rather than needing time to take full effect.

Zinc oxide is one of the most successful minerals for sun protection, and it’s the perfect complement to a broad spectrum rating because both offer protection not only from UVB rays (which cause sunburn), but also UVA rays (which can lead to issues like ages spots and even skin cancer). When it comes to SPF, every 1% of zinc oxide provides about 1.6 SPF units, so the more zinc oxide that’s present, the greater the SPF. Our formula includes 18.75% zinc oxide, making it an SPF 30 product that’s effective for outdoor use alongside its broad spectrum protection.

What’s also great about our natural mineral formula is that it’s been tested to be water resistant for 80 minutes — this means recipients don’t have to reapply constantly to receive its benefits. Zinc oxide is the only active ingredient in our formula, but our inactives consist of a number of organic ingredients, including organic beeswax and organic coconut oil. The fact that it’s unscented is also ideal for keeping kids safe from certain scents that could otherwise produce a negative reaction.

Whether you prefer the tottle or the 1 oz. bottle, promoting with this mineral sunscreen will make you stand out. It will communicate that you’re paying attention to natural product trends and want to provide the best for your customers. It’s perfect for those outdoor events on the schedule this summer!

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