New Product Reveal: Cartoon Balm

Posted on 12/24/2015

We’re thrilled to announce one of our new products! It’s definitely one of our favorites, and we think you’ll love it too. Introducing all-new…Cartoon Balm!

Cartoon Balm takes customization to a whole new level. It features a personal caricature on our All Natural Lip Balm, allowing you to show your personality on the label through an interest or hobby. Do you love to swim, hike, or climb — or maybe you really enjoy sewing or cooking? You can show yourself doing that activity and make yourself memorable! With such a unique product offering, you’ll be sure to stand out from the rest.

Here’s something just as exciting: You can keep the illustration we create just for you to use on your own letterhead, address labels, folders, and more. You can even ask us about placing your cartoon on any of our products, and we will make it happen!

There are so many possibilities with Cartoon Balm that we can’t contain our excitement for how much it will shine during your next promotion. Just think: who wouldn’t remember a fun, original cartoon on an item that stays on the person, is used several times a week, and lasts up to 12 months? You simply can’t go wrong with this item.

For more details about this product, visit the product page — and also stay tuned for more reveals to come!