PPAI Pyramid Awards 2019

Posted on 01/25/2019

As a follow-up to last week’s post, we wanted to share how honored we are to be the recipients of not just one — but THREE PPAI Pyramid Awards this year! We took home the Gold Pyramid Award for Supplier Star in our revenue category, the Gold Pyramid Award for Distributor Sales & Marketing Aids, and the Silver Pyramid Award for Technology: Blogs/Podcasts/Digital News. Wow! We are thankful. 

First introduced in 1958, the PPAI Pyramid Award recognizes companies in the promotional products industry that show exemplary effort and achievement. It also gives attention to the collaborative business model that’s unique to the industry. Today, the Pyramid competition encompasses multiple categories, including Suppliers Achievement, Supplier Star, Technology, and Image Awards.

Open to all PPAI members, submissions are due in July of each year, with eligible entries developed, conducted, or published between the previous July and following June. While the Supplier Star award is based on the company as a whole, the other two categories for which we were awarded are described this way:

Distributor Sales & Marketing Aids: This category applies to kits that help distributors sell with samples and catalogs. These types of kits are suitable for showrooms and sales calls and should include a robust offering of product, decoration, and other options. We submitted our Pitch-in-a-Box for this one!

Blogs/Podcasts/Digital News: This category of competition recognizes members for their creative and insightful sharing of a robust offering of industry information via blogs, podcasts, or digital newsletters. For this one, we submitted a handful of posts from our blog! www.lipbalmcompany.com/blog

These awards are evidence of this simple fact: what we have at Raining Rose is truly exceptional. We work hard throughout the year, and it shows — especially during occasions like the PPAI Awards event.

We’ll see you next year, PPAI!