Savings to Put a Spring in Your Step

Posted on 04/13/2017

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” – Doug Larson

Every spring brings with it the promise of new beginnings and opportunities, and we’re excited to share new opportunities for savings with our spring savings special! For a limited time, we’re offering EQP and free set-up on a number of our products, including Euro Balm, Blend-a-Balm, Iced Pear Lotion, Lip 30, and Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray!

With plenty of activities taking place during the spring, here are some ways to use these products for a memorable promotion:

Euro Balm: Thanks to the red, white, and blue tube colors we offer, Euro Balm is great for Memorial Day events! Hand it out during a parade, give it to customers who make a purchase during the holiday weekend, promote a Memorial Day special, or hold a raffle drawing with each label bearing a unique number. The item’s smooth application is hard not to love, and the twist-up applicator is a nice touch to provide a unique experience for every wearer.

Blend-a-Balm: Spring means outdoor markets start running in full swing, allowing people to see a variety of food and craft products all in one place. Blend-a-Balm is the perfect item for vendors of farmers markets to promote opening weekend and get people excited about visiting their booth. The label could include the vendor’s booth location, as well as their website so people can learn more.

Iced Pear Lotion: Mother’s Day is coming up on May 14! For every order of a flower bouquet, flower shops can provide customers with a free gift of Iced Pear Lotion. It will add to the wonderful scents that recipients will enjoy, and it’s an item mothers can apply to dry skin as they relax. It’s a timely and effective way for sharing a company’s name.

Lip 30: Thanking people when they volunteer their time is really important, and Lip 30 can help do so during outdoor spring projects. Close to home for Raining Rose, the United Way of East Central Iowa Day of Caring is May 11, which brings employees together to accomplish projects and help meet community needs at schools and not-for-profit organizations. Whether it’s a designated day in your community or a monthly volunteer effort, a practical handout like lip balm can keep a business or initiative remembered.

Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray: Marathon runners welcome the spring weather, and with lots of marathon events around, it’s an ideal time to promote a business with something they can use. Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray is a great item to include in race-day bags, as soap and water aren’t always accessible before or after their 26-mile run. It’s attention to detail that many runners appreciate, and this product offers a simple way to get in people’s hands.

What events are you participating in this spring? Consider how you can use these products to promote it, scoring some savings as you prepare!