Shine Bright

Posted on 09/14/2017

Last month, we wrote a blog post that debunked some myths about breast cancer, and this month, we want to share why Natural Lip Shimmers are the perfect promo item to help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October — plus some creative ways to get people excited about the cause!

There are a number of notable attributes of our lip shimmer that make it ideal for breast cancer awareness events:

  • Its slim and sleek tube makes it easy to store in a purse or pocket.
  • The hint of mint in its formula keeps you feeling fresh.
  • A slight, soft color adds the right amount of glam to your lips.
  • Our all natural base keeps your lips moisturized with every application.

When it comes to what to print on your custom label, there are plenty of options. You can highlight an upcoming event, a month-long special, or a friendly reminder for women to do regular self-checks. You can also include a fun or inspirational tagline for the occasion, whether it’s an original that ties with your marketing efforts or one of these:

  • In October, we wear pink.
  • Stomp out breast cancer.
  • Wear pink like a boss.
  • Early detection saves lives.
  • Think pink!
  • Cancer is a word, not a sentence.
  • Pink is my signature color.
  • #pinkpower
  • Show you care. Be aware.

And how about motivating employees in the office to go the extra mile? Garner support for those in need by trying one of these fundraising ideas:

  • Auction off a select number of prime parking spaces to employees each week during October, with proceeds going to breast cancer research or patient expenses.
  • Have a pink-inspired food party, choosing a day for everyone to bring in a pink dish or drink and setting out a container for free will donations.
  • Organize a pink silent auction, having teams of employees put together creative pink baskets for the event, with proceeds going to the cause.
  • Carve and decorate pumpkins for breast cancer awareness and put them on display — you can even set up donation jars next to each pumpkin and declare a winner based on the pumpkin that raises the most money.
  • Let employees wear casual pink clothes to the office on Fridays in exchange for a donation of $1 or more each time.
  • Have a door decorating contest where individuals or teams donate a certain dollar amount to enter, giving everyone the opportunity to vote for the most creatively decorated office door.
  • Put together a pink-themed scavenger hunt that takes employees around the office or around town, incorporating things like pink balloons and asking people for donations with certain stops.

Are the wheels turning for what you can do for your business this October? Whatever promotions and activities you’re planning for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we hope you make a memorable impact on those who need it.