The Power Of Promotional Products

Posted on 05/14/2019

Part of PPW! Week is sharing why promotional products are such a powerful marketing tool. What better way to share that message than by asking one of our local experts? Lindsey Davis, our Director of Promotional Sales, shares why promo products have such lasting power.

Having grown up in the Promotional Products Industry, I have had a unique view of the power our medium can truly have. I have been a lip balm labeler, a product tester, a creator, a business owner, and now the Director of Promotional Sales at Raining Rose. Through all of that, I have also always been a consumer and user of promotional products. I have developed my own industry pet peeves along the way, like products that don’t serve a useful purpose and the inevitable focus on “what’s new” each year. But, I have also found my calling and passion in helping customers develop powerful promotional campaigns that help the brands they serve not only reach their intended audience, but also be remembered.  

We represent the only advertising vehicle that can appeal to a consumer’s senses – all five of them at the same time! What an incredible ability we have to leave a lasting impression. I believe that sensory connection is at the heart of what makes a promotional product so effective in product retention and message recall. And, isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?

To be more specific (and leverage some compelling data from PPAI’s Consumer Study):

  • 81% of consumers keep year promotional products for over a 
  • 9/10 recall the brand
  • 8/10 recall the messaging
  • 83% are more likely to do business with the brand

It’s no surprise that the industry is now estimated at $24.7 Billion Dollars.

So, you ask, what is the true power of the promotional product? To me, it is this: Promotional Products give a brand the opportunity to connect with consumers when they don’t have a need, so that during a time of need, the brand is remembered and favored. Bonus points if your product also has an average use of 8-10 times per day over a span of 4-6 months – like Raining Rose Lip Balm! 

Lindsey Davis has held several roles within the Promotional Products industry space for over 10 years. She currently acts as Raining Rose's Director of Promotional Sales and has served on several association boards throughout her career.