Think Pink this October

Posted on 09/15/2016

In 2016, there will be about 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer among women in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. Fortunately, there is huge hope for those who detect cancer in its early stages. In fact, there is a 99% five-year survival rate of early stage breast cancer.

Breast cancer awareness is an important cause to promote in October, and pink promotional items can play a vital role in helping women learn the warning signs of breast cancer, educating the general public on how they can help, and establishing support for those who need it. Try these application ideas to make your voice heard!

Broad Spectrum Lip Balm (Strawberry with pink cap): Hand out this SPF lip balm to every woman who gets a mammogram or completes her annual Ob-Gyn exam during the month of October. Thanks to a custom label, every lip application will emphasize the importance of regularly getting checked by a health professional and performing self-exams on a consistent basis.

Colorful Lip Balm (Fruit Punch): Create a fun office activity by placing Colorful Lip Balm that promotes breast cancer awareness in a large jar or container in the office. Have employees guess the number of lip balm in the jar, and whoever is closest to guessing the correct quantity without exceeding it gets to keep them all! It’s an exciting way to create buzz about the cause.

EOSTM Gift Set (Berry Blossom & Strawberry Sorbet): This sensationally smooth combo is the perfect gift for breast cancer survivors (or those currently battling the disease) at a community event or corporate get-together to honor their courage. Because they've been affected firsthand, recipients will appreciate the loving support and be reminded of that support with every use of the lotion and lip balm.

Hand Sanitizer Spray (Pink cap): Distribute this hand sanitizer at the main entrance of your health care clinic, customizing the label with a website link or physical location where anyone can make a donation or volunteer their time for the cause. It’s a simple method for getting more than just women involved in making a huge impact in the lives of those with breast cancer.

Natural Lip Shimmers: Use this classic item as a raffle giveaway by placing a unique number on each label, or include a link to a blog or other forum where recipients can share their success stories. If you use it for a social media campaign, you’ll likely see a boost in customer or patient interaction with your organization that's very meaningful.

Have other application ideas? That’s great! Our products are versatile and ideal for promoting a fantastic cause like this one.